Paintings 11 to 15

I am trying to catch up with logging names, dates and sizes of paintings, taking photos and getting it onto the blog. Once I have caught up (I am currently working on painting # 25, I think) I will post them in smaller groups, or maybe one at a time.

At the moment, I am struggling to get the photos right – I find if I make the sizes too large here, any glare is magnified and it looks terrible. I love the texture of the Gesso on the paint surface, but somehow in the photos it looks terrible to me. So I am keeping the photos small for now, will try and figure out how to solve this issue as I learn how to use WordPress. So here goes with the next five…


#11 (12 Mar 2016): Small landscape from the mind, painted with as few colours possible and concentrating on value. I went from thumbnail sketch to paint right away without too much angst, which is an achievement for me. (Oil on Panel, 20 x 15.4 cm).


#12 (13 Mar 2016): For the last few paintings, I have tried to simplify my learning curve by working with only five colours: Burnt Umber, Indian Yellow, Cadmium Red, Ultramarine and White. My focus is mainly on making something with a value design that rings true. With this abstract, the 3 layers of Acrylic Gesso were applied very roughly and it showed through in the painting. I found this resonated with me somehow and from here on many paintings retain the Gesso texture with the paint applied rather thinly in places.

#13: Non-existent. My numbering went haywire. There never was a 13.


#14 (12 Mar 2016): Small landscape from the mind, strongly influenced by Thomas Aquinas Daly. Not too happy with this, but some lessons learnt. (Oil on Panel, 20 x 15.4 cm).


#15 (20 Mar 2016): Invented landscape, design based on a beach scene I saw in American Art Review picture of an old master. Still sticking with the limited palette. The Gesso is rough and adds a lot of texture, which showed mercy and helped me with the red marsh grasses in the foreground. (Oil on Panel, 25.3 x 20.2 cm – roughly 10 x 8 inches).

This is the first of my paintings in this run that gave me that melancholy – a place never visited but somehow remembered, perhaps central to who I am…I made a small frame for it:


The road stretches up ahead. Much to learn – “then pray that the road to Ithaca is long…”


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