Painting #18

Grace. I was ready for it to come much later, but I take it with gratitude and hope I will accept it when it leaves again for a while. Before I started the current run of oil paintings, I dabbled mostly in watercolours. When I became quite confident in making images, I had the insight one day:

The image is already in the paper. The right attitude will make it come forward: Humility. Precision. The right tempo in the rise and fall of self-confidence as the painting progresses. Gratitude.

For me, this painting felt like it was given – I really did not do much. I put down the under-painting, wiped away at the foreground and this marshland stepped forward. I am quite fond of this painting, I hope you also like it:

The paint is applied a little to thin and tentatively but I hope this will get better as I get to know the texture of the oil. The texture of the 3 layers of acrylic gesso is prominent and makes the painting look rough but real. The landscape is invented, but the sky is from an old printed photo (below). The marks at the top right of the photo shows where I tested the value of my paint as I worked.


Much to learn, the journey continues…

Therefore, go forth, companion: when you find

No Highway more, no track, all being blind,

The way to go shall glimmer in the mind.

“The Wanderer” by John Masefield

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