Painting #22

This is a landscape from the mind, although the sky is based on a series of photographs I have of this evening sky phenomenon – a streak of warm orange with a moody brooding sky above it.

#22 Red Landscape (Oil on Canvas 10 x 8 inches)

The photo is just horrible, with reflections on the right. The painting is a bit better and I actually have grown quite fond of it.

I really battled to get the sky to have the right cool blue with some warm in it. In the end I had to be brave and use a lot more cobalt blue than I would normally feel comfortable with. If you hold the painting at arms length and look at where the blue meets the evening sky it is quite something.

Tomorrow am off to Asia Minor for a business trip, I may not post something for a week or so. Thanks to all who have encouraged me with likes and comments. May you be happy and content.


My hair’s falling fast –

this afternoon

I’m off to Asia Minor

Japanese Poet: Shinkichi Takahashi

Translated by Lucien Stryk in his book Let the Spring Breezes Enter

9 thoughts on “Painting #22

      1. I feel flattered that you are interested in advice from me. I feel like I am also just beginning – have been for some years now. But I plan to post something soon related to why I paint. You may find something of value there. May you be happy and content!

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