Back in the Studio

Back home after a wild weekend tramping in the beautiful New Zealand forest. This afternoon I installed lighting in my outdoor studio, and this evening I did my first painting after dark amid pouring rain and wild wind. Here are two works in progress.



I did a bit of research on studio lighting and I did not really experience any problems painting under artificial light. I installed one fitting that takes three lamps – positioned almost directly above my easel. I purchased Philips 6500 K (Cool Daylight), 1450 Lumen lamps.

So far so good! I did not experience any problems with glare and the light situation may be somewhat better usual. I also took both of the above photos under the artificial lights, with pitch dark outside. I am sure the lighting also helps to solve my photo blues – I retook a photo of my Painting #25 and updated the post. This one is much closer to the real image.

I leave you with a poem that I wrote a while ago – it sort of ties together things I feel compelledĀ to paint and my experience of meditation:


After a while the thoughts separate
into small familiar congregations –
swinging by every now and then –
singing: repent! repent!
I don’t – I sit and watch.
They go off somewhere and do their good work.
Silence and birdsong.
Where’s my breath? Here it is – sleeping.
I was a boy alone in marshland once,
on Tuesday afternoons.
At the edge of the forest I found something.
It is here now!
Hold on.
Let go.

Thanks to all who have encouraged me with likes, comments and follows!

8 thoughts on “Back in the Studio

  1. What talent you have. The poetry is everything I want a poem to be. It’s reflective, it’s expressive, it’s imaginative. I like the paintings, as well. The brushstrokes are intriguing. They make me think of the pouring rain and wild wind you mentioned. I wonder if that was intentional or whether it was a subconscious influence. Of course, maybe it’s only my interpretation. That’s what good art does, though. It makes the viewer think.

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I like to keep the imprimatura and first tonal underpainting really rough, I am not sure why but I think a rough look makes me less feel less precious about it and allows me to focus on big aspects like abstract design and tonal elements first. Many thanks for your encouragement!

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  2. Wonderful to see the early stage of the two paintings and to experience your wonderful poem. Congratulations on installing lights. With storming weather outside your door it seems like the perfect thing. Perhaps at some juncture you’ll even paint the storm — maybe in a way similar to how wrote your poem.


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