Painting #31 Take 2

Here is my painting #31 reworked. I did not like the happy colours – to me it lacked the depth I was seeking for. There were also some patterns that I felt lead the eye away from the centre of interest.

#31 Reworked, May 2016 (Oil on Canvas on Panel, 30 x 32 cm)

To me, the painting now, with several layers of transparent colour, is more lustrous and conveys some of the depth I was seeking. I realize this may not be in everyone’s taste, but tonight I feel quite happy with it – however, ask me again tomorrow and I might say something different!

I believe there are times for all of us when we reflect – perhaps waiting at a red light while the indicator counts time – and reach some terrible conclusion about life. We grow up and see how things really are.

Then something comes one day – like the passage in the painting above, just to the right and two inches down from the focal point. This being given, you sense a possibility that despite there being no hope, despite the certainty of nonbeing, everything is perfect. Trust is the key – I know not in what.

Tomas Transtromer ends his poem “After a Long Dry Spell”, as follows:

It’s all right to telephone the island that is a mirage.
It’s all right to hear the gray voice.
To thunder iron ore is honey.
It’s all right to live by your own code.
Translation by Robert Bly in The Half Finished Heaven
Perhaps, in fact, it is in these moments when we wake up and come alive. Rollo May writes:

Without this awareness of nonbeing—that is, awareness of the threats to one’s being in death, anxiety, and the less dramatic but persistent threats of loss of potentialities in conformism—existence is vapid, unreal, and characterized by lack of concrete self-awareness. But with the confronting of nonbeing, existence takes on vitality and immediacy, and the individual experiences a heightened consciousness of himself, his world, and others around him.

Rollo May, in The Discovery of Being

…Existence takes on a vitality…

Thanks to all who have encouraged me with comments and likes, and especially to those that follow my blog.

13 thoughts on “Painting #31 Take 2

  1. I love those moments of heightened consciousness I’ve experienced in my life, and the realization that we can live by our own code is a life-changer. I think we need to take these attitudes with us into our art, and as you’ve done, make personal choices to reflect who we are and what we seek to express. Thank you again for sharing your art and giving me thoughtful words for a morning meditation.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, I am so glad that you are able to take something of value from my post. I agree with you – the realization in self-confidence that we can live by our own code changes everything.

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    1. Thanks so much – that is a great compliment for me! I have been a bit busy but I hope to find a lazy Saturday afternoon to go and look at some of your photos of this week and put down some likes and comments. I always enjoy looking at them.

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  2. I really like these colours better than the previous version. It has more depth and evokes an emotion that the previous version did not do. I would say that the happy colours are good for decoration but if you look for meaning in a painting, the darker more sinister colours does it for me. This painting is remarkably beautiful!

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  3. wow! I could almost write a poem to what I see and feel within these darker shadows upon the canvas walls! You definitely injected more mood, more attitude, more of YOU… into this. There is much more inflection in this version. Darker, yes. But every creator must choose their path for each creation. Well Done!!!!! cheers, Debi

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    1. Thanks Debi, I really appreciate your kind and encouraging comment, and I am so glad that you think there is something personal coming through here. Bit by bit we feel our way from the darkness into the light…

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