Painting #45

Here is my painting #45:

#45 June 2016 Abstract (Oil on Canvas on Panel 32 x 30 cm)
#45 June 2016 Abstract (Oil on Canvas on Panel 32 x 30 cm)

In this abstract I was trying to move away from the straight lines and ledges I seem to be stuck on. I also started with a new limited palette in a new brand of paints (Old Holland). Losts of learning going on, and I am not entirely sure I succeeded with this one, but I enjoyed the learning opportunity.

A poem of distances tonight.

Don’t try to understand – just ride along and you may find yourself in the marsh of Painting #37, on your back watching the early stars in a field of moonflowers:

“The instant he boarded the plane
Toad was in London” – wrong.

“Toad’s unaware of distance,
between his belly and man’s,
between himself, the crushing wheel.

“Shrinking utterly, he’s nowhere” – right.

London, Tokyo, flattened by webbed feet
all at once. In the marsh – no distance, sound –
a scaly back is overgrown with moonflowers.

Shinkichi Takahashi, trans.Lucien Stryk, in Zen Poetry: Let the Spring Breezes Enter

4 thoughts on “Painting #45

    1. Many thanks Aletha! I painted this over an old painting which I covered up using some student grade Yellow Ochre I had (just to save my expensive paint). I think that was not such a good idea. If you compare the lustre and transparency in this painting with one of my earlier abstracts, it does not compare so well. But it is all good experience and I will learn from it!

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    1. Mmmm…that is an interesting perspective! Never thought of it that way. I will have to go look op some of those poems. Thanks for your comment. Sorry I have been flat out but hope to do some visiting of blogs this weekend.

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