#46 Misty Waikato Landscape

My painting #46:

#46: Waikato Landscape in mist (Oil on Canvas Panel, 10 x 8 inches)
#46: Waikato Landscape in mist (Oil on Canvas Panel, 10 x 8 inches)

My wife and I normally go for a walk early morning if weather permits. This week I ended up alone on my walk in dense mist. At the top of a hill near us I took the photo below of the Waikato landscape clouded in mist with that one, thin warm streak of early sun near the horizon. I painted #46 shortly after that.

I took careful mental notes of the scene, and took one source photo:


As you can see in the painting I darkened the clouds to contrast more with the streak of light. I also warmed the sky because the photo greyed it too much.

Rilke helped with a poem featuring mist, roads and other things that move me:

Fox Fire

We have an old association
with the lights out on the moors.
I have the feeling they are great aunts.
More and more I notice between them
and me a kind of family resemblance
that no force can suppress:
a certain jump, a leaping, a turn, a curve –
others can’t seem to do it.
I too live where there are no roads,
in the mist that turns most people back,
and I’ve seen myself often too
go out under my own eyelids.

R.M. Rilke, trans. Robert Bly in Selected Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke

Sincere thanks to all those that have encouraged me with likes and comments, and especially those who follow my blog.

6 thoughts on “#46 Misty Waikato Landscape

  1. this is so enchanting with the dark and moody charcoal grey, broken in its sombreness by your whisper of orange/yellow. it is a very subtle piece, one must look. and then we see the shadows in the mist. I really find this quite lovely and intriguing. cheers, Debi


  2. No doubt your walks provide much of the source material for your paintings, the things you observe as you walk, even qualities that you’re not aware of noticing affect a subliminal understanding of the scene. These landscapes are so sensitive to the light and atmosphere, and that must be the reason why.

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