Painting #49, Another Marsh

#49 Landscape at Dusk (Oil on Canvas Panel, 45 x 25 cm)
#49 Landscape at Dusk (Oil on Canvas Panel, 45 x 25 cm)

This painting is closely based on my earlier painting #27. I had undertaken not to do any more marshland paintings for a while but I am very busy at work and my painting routine has gone for a complete loop. I am trying to claw myself back to a routine of regular daily painting, and for me – whenever I lose my mojo with painting – I reduce the number of unknowns and fall back on something familiar, like a painting I have done before.

The image above is a bit darker than the real painting. Below is a close up, somewhat closer to the right exposure:


I like this painting, the colour scheme is romantic, quite unrealistic. But I was after something almost abstract, with the interplay between the greenish sky and water and the red-warm grass.

I sometimes wonder if the image is too simple, too little action. Perhaps add a tree or a person and a dog or maybe a scuba diver emerging out of the water? Simplicity is not satisfying for everyone. Ryokan said something about this:

My hut lies in the middle of a dense forest;
Every year the green ivy grows longer.
No news of the affairs of men,
Only the occasional song of a woodcutter.
The sun shines and I mend my robe;
When the moon comes out I read Buddhist poems.
I have nothing to report, my friends.
If you want to find the meaning, stop chasing after so many things.
Ryokan, trans. John Stevens, in One Robe, One Bowl


Many thanks to all who have encouraged me with likes and comments. A special thanks to those who follow my blog.

9 thoughts on “Painting #49, Another Marsh

  1. I know that I’m biased, as I love simplicity and strive – usually in vain – to seek it in my watercolours but I think this painting is stunningly beautiful. Seeing the image and your dilemma of whether it’s too simple, I was reminded of a Leonardo Da Vinci quite that I’m likely to use myself in a forthcoming post that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Great work.

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    1. Many thanks for your kind words John. Well quoted! I think it is a really interesting thing to strive for a balance between simplicity and boredom. Often it is just in the eyes of the beholder, but I also have to be careful, because I think it was AN Whitehead that said “the only simplicity to be trusted lies on the far side of complexity”! Thanks for your interest and encouragement.

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