Charcoal Abstract


Still playing around each morning before work with charcoals. Some are invented landscapes, some are just abstract doodles. I would say one out of every three drawings look like something promising. This is one of those.

The excitement of the new hobby, the new blog, the new computer. It all wears down over weeks and months and disillusionment sets in. Good. Now the real work can begin. In the foreword to Ernest Becker’s phenomenal book “The Denial of Death”, Sam Keen writes:

The disillusioned hero rejects the standardized heroics of mass culture in 
favor of cosmic heroism in which there is real joy in throwing off the chains 
of uncritical, self-defeating dependency and discovering new possibilities of 
choice and action and new forms of courage and endurance.
Whether we will use our freedom to encapsulate ourselves in narrow, tribal, 
paranoid personalities and create more bloody Utopias or to form compassionate 
communities of the abandoned is still to be decided.

Becker, Ernest. The Denial of Death (Kindle Locations 120-121). 
Souvenir Press. Kindle Edition.

Thanks to all who have encouraged me with likes and comments. A special thanks to those who follow my blog . I wish you happiness and contentment.

A poem for you from Shinkichi Takahashi:

I stretch my hand -
everything disappears.

I saw in the snake-head
my dead mother's face,

in ragged clouds
grief of my father.

Snap my fingers - 
time's no more.

My hand's the universe,
it can do anything.
Shinkichi Takahashi, translated by Lucien Stryk in 
Zen Poetry: Let the Spring Breezes Enter

Kate – I miss you!


8 thoughts on “Charcoal Abstract

  1. Oh what is this? It looks like a bedroom out of the quick corner of your eye…a mirror, a bed….and a creepy figure. Is this abstract and I am seeing things or did you have a subject in mind? It is very ghostly.

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  2. Sometimes I think that new challenges or things in our lives gives us “traction” in a way, and then hides when things slow down. Tapping into it takes patience and confidence that our lives don’t always need to ride a tangible wave of excitement and newness. Love your abstract, I am partial to your abstracts.

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    1. Many thanks Margaret. I really love doing these abstracts, even though they are mainly for myself. Hearing that others like you enjoy looking at them makes everything a bit sweeter. Thanks so much.

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