#O60: Hill Road Landscape

I have been trying for a week to take a photo of this small landscape without any glare. But I need to move on to posting later paintings, so I am posting it as it is. Please imagine it without glare! The source photos is below.

This was just a little exercise. I was not trying to create anything for posterity, only practicing how a paint a realistic landscape. I was interested in the curves of the small hills on the left, and how it leads into the distance. I warmed up the grass colour.

Here is the source photo, snapped with my cell phone during my daily walk:

#O60-Source (2)

I have painted this place so often, it feels like a new friend now. Maybe over time it will become an old friend.

Psalm 19 (last verse, by Stephen Mitchell)

Help me to be aware of my selfishness,
but without undue shame or self-judgement.
Let me always feel you present,
in every atom of my life.
Let me keep surrendering my self
until I am utterly transparent.
Let my words be rooted in honesty
and my thoughts be lost in your light,
Unnamable God, my essence,
my origin, my life-blood, my home.

Last part of Psalm 19, translation by
Stephen Mitchell in The Enlightened Heart

I hope you have a great weekend, filled with joy and contentment. Thanks for visiting my blog!

7 thoughts on “#O60: Hill Road Landscape

  1. I squinted my eyes to help with the glare, it really works! or at least in my mind it does! When you say realistically, you mean point on color as is…..exact color and landscape? I think that is what you mean….I think that I use the word loosely never really knowing what I mean by realistic, than again I think anything that is not abstract is realistic, perhaps I am wrong. I am trying to find my way with my colors and my interpretation, it is a hard one. I do believe that you have the structure and elements correct, the color isn’t exact but that is good! I always think that an artist should twist and turn to meet their take and feeling of what they are looking at, or feeling. You always amaze me by your journey into color, form and approach.

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    1. thanks Margaret. Yes, what does “realistically” mean? Deep question. In this case I simply wanted to depict the scene so that it appears like the photo, as a way of practicing to mix and apply oil color. But I decided upfront I wanted a warmer color on the grass.
      By contrast, often if I work on a slightly larger picture, I do not really care too much about the photo – it is just a catalyst for me. An example is my post “Edge of Camp”, which is exactly the same spot, but very different. The emotional nuance I want to depict is 90% of my objective – difficult to do, which is why I fail so often!
      I think you are doing great with your journey Margaret, it may seem like a lot of struggle, but you said yourself in one of your recent posts “I knew exactly what to do”. But yes, at times it feels we are feeling our way in the dark. I keep going back to what Rilke said: “We should love the questions [difficulties] themselves, as if they are secrets written in a foreign language” (paraphrase). Upward and onward!

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      1. ah…..lol….I get what you are after, not a means to an end but rather an exercise of sorts. I got it πŸ™‚ I feel that I am constantly all over the place trying to find my place and my niche….I struggle with how far do I want to push color, do I really like my color choices, realism, abstraction? a little of both? I think that it will take the rest of my life to get it all figured out.

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      2. Indeed it will take us the rest of our lives to figure all these things out. Just think how much better we will know our inner selves, how much more sensitive we can become!
        It reminds me of the poem “Ithaca” by Cavafy – sorry if I mentioned it to you before, I cannot remember if I did or not. If you have not seen this poem yet, look it up if you can find time. It has a beautiful message around the theme of “it will take the rest of my life to get it all figured out”. All the best to you.

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      3. If you had mentioned it, I don’t remember it. I will have to look it up. I don’t understand how people can get bored with life when there is so much mystery and on-going discovery to the very end. πŸ™‚ The inner self is a mystery that I have more fun unwrapping, it is a never-ending search for me.


    1. Thanks FR. I find too much green in a painting a bit overwhelming, which is a problem if you want to paint New Zealand farmland! I don’t know if you find the same thing with photos – is a photo with lots of warm hues not naturally more appealing than just a lot of green grass?

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