#P6: Exploring Pastel

#P6: Tonal Landscape (Pastel on Board)

A playful exploration of pastel on gessoed MDF board which was standing around in my studio. This was based on an invented charcoal landscape that I posted earlier (also shown below).
I was surprised at how well the pastel took to the acrylic gesso. I like the composition and value arrangement but my pastel set is still way too small – I am missing some warm white and light orange and this shows in the sky which is not quite as I want it.

I also feel I am becoming a one trick pony with my sky arrangements  – so in the coming days I am planning to do more value and color studies of sky and clouds based on observation and photos.


I keep striving – at times too egoistically – toward that image that points directly to the most open, vulnerable place of stillness in me. It is a quest for a lifetime. In Zen literature I often find writing that touches this place:

Silent and serene, forgetting words, bright clarity appears before you. When you reflect it you become vast, where you embody it you are spiritually uplifted. Spiritually solitary and shining, inner illumination restores wonder,

Dew in the moonlight, a river of stars, snow-covered pines, clouds enveloping the peak. In darkness it is most bright, while hidden it is all the more manifest.

The crane dreams in the wintry mists. The autumn waters flow far in the distance.

Honghzi, quoted in The Art of Just Sitting: Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza (p. 13). Wisdom Publications. Kindle Edition.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you have a great week filled with joy and contentment. It is Monday morning in New Zealand. I have a crazy week ahead of me.

5 thoughts on “#P6: Exploring Pastel

    1. Thanks DawnMarie! I saw your painting wth the roadrunner, really good! I have so little free time the past week or so, but this weekend I hope to check out your blog and comment propoerly on your work!

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