Charcoal Sky Study

This is a quick charcoal study of the south western sky a day or two ago, seen over the Waikato river. I tried to quickly capture the main elements of the sky without much attempt to make it look like a finished picture.
In the end, it turned out quite a nice tonal study and with a mock frame around it, it looks almost finished, apart from the fingerprints near the horizon!

I think of the river’s edge at as the night comes down. Above and below the water’s edge, animals seek their mates and become quiet.

A poem of sorts:

To be and stay of service is not easy.
Meeting rooms - agendas behind the agenda
push you continually into your tiny self.

No. Be that one grey dove
- steadfast through smokestacks,
unwavering toward her mate
- waiting in green shadows
above the quiet river.


5 thoughts on “Charcoal Sky Study

    1. Thanks Margaret, I am running around a lot for work and not getting to my painting or blog, but these charcoal sketches help keep me sane, very quick and useful practice to keep up the routine.

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