#P8: End of the Earth

#C8: Tonal Landscape (pastel on paper, roughly A4 size)

This small pastel painting was based on the charcoal sketch shown below. This was in turn roughly based on an earlier oil painting which I posted here.

Concept Sketch (Charcoal and Chalk on Paper)

The pastel painting was done quite quickly in a stolen hour over the weekend. The format is a bit too square – I like the rectangular format and larger skyline of the charcoal sketch a bit better.

The pastel painting shows some white dust specks – these are semi-fixed now because I applied fixative before shaking or blowing off the white dust that came down from the sky – lesson learnt.

Feeling anxious and tired. Responsibilities and invented expectations crowd in on the mind and without morning meditation I am lost at sea.

In his book Creativity and Taoism, Chung-yaun Chang, introduces a poem with the words: “The following lines testify to the inner melody of an excessive anxiety:”

Withered vine.
Rotten tree,
Dark cow,
Little bridge,
Running Stream,
Worn-out road,
Western wind,
Lean horse,
The sun is setting in the west;
The broken-hearted man is at the end of the earth.

Ma-Chih-yuan (13th Century)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a good day, filled with happiness and contentment.

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