#P9: Stone Threshold

#P9: The Stone Threshold (Pastel on Fabriano Paper)

At last again some time in the studio, and I managed to finish this still life this evening. The source photo is below – one of a whole series I took last Sunday in a brief but glorious moment of sunshine entering my little studio.

This is done on heavy Hot Press Fabriano Watercolor paper. I started off with a loose watercolor painting which had strong color but was not highly finished or detailed. Then I worked into that with my little pastel set. The source photo is shown below.


I found a poem of apples and thresholds:

A child is born
into a great landscape
Half a century later
he's nothing but a dead soldier
This was the man
we saw appear
and then set on the ground
a heavy sack of applies
two or three of which rolled out
around amonth a world's sounds
where the birst sang
on the stone threshold.

Jean Follain, trans. Bernard Waldrop,
in Modern European Poetry

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you are happy and content.

18 thoughts on “#P9: Stone Threshold

    1. Thanks so much Debi, i have to say at times I felt I bit off too much with this, especially since I am quite busy at work now, but I just did a bit each night and it came together in the end. i can see now I need to darken the right side of the left apple a bit, will do that this week.

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  1. so beautiful and so, very soft….I have so many favorite parts in your painting and I will not make a decision because I just can’t. Seems like pastel suits you, you didn’t mention how it was this time around. Silly question in a way because this painting looks like you connected with your mediums and your subject.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Margaret. Yes, I have to say I may abondon my quest to master oils for now, I really seem to connect with pastels. Found time at last today to order a few more online, so by end of this week should have a decent set! Hope you are well and happy, will go and have a look at what you have been upmto as soon as I can.

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    1. Hi Lindsvee. This was done on heavy Fabriano Hot Press (smooth) watercolor paper. It cannot take much pastel but is nice and sturdy and I can tint the paper with a strong watercolor under painting.


      1. Yes, it has very little tooth. But if you do a fairly complete watercolour underneath, you don’t need to add too much pastel on top, so the paper works. My painting #P5 (P5 Marsh in Twilight) was also done on this paper using a watercolour underpainting.


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