Why I (still) bother painting

I went back last night to this post that I wrote some months ago. Now that I am working more in pastel, I wondered if it was still relevant. I think it is – for me – it was worth reading again if only for that quote by painter Albert York. I hope you find it useful.

Fruitful Dark

Many years ago, I hated my line of work. I yearned for something that I could do with more passion.For some reason I settled on painting as a possible way out. For years I toiled away at learning to paint. I set myself targets, like painting for an hour a day, or painting 100 “starts”. I got up before work and painted by a dim electric light. I painted at night when the kids were finally asleep.

IMG_0588 Work in Progress (Oil on Panel)

It was only recently, after I had stopped painting for almost 10 years, that I realized how much I used to hate most of it. I am a slow learner with a perfectionist streak – and that made for quite a bit of doubt and depressing self-criticism. Most of my paintings looked (in the words of Dennis Miller Bunker) “thin and deadly” to me, even when others seemed…

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3 thoughts on “Why I (still) bother painting

    1. Thanks so much FR! You are so resourceful, I noticed in your own posts on your beautiful photos you also like doing research and you summarize it so well and succinctly!
      What I admire most about York is how he just kept on doing what he liked and felt drawn to without being bothered by self judgement or trends.

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