#C13: The Chungnan Slopes


This is a charcoal sketch I made last week. I have since made a pastel painting on this theme which I hope to post tomorrow. This is an invented landscape, but strongly influenced by some of the landscapes of Chauncey Foster Ryder which often focus on a rocky ridge in the middle ground of the landscape.

For some reason, I am drawn to this image of a rocky outcrop with a clump of trees or brush. It makes a strong abstract impression that draws the eye from far away. Whenever I have a moment, I jot down a thumbnail variation of this abstract idea:


After a hard day at work, a poem for a weary mind:

A Reply
I have a place on the Chungnan slopes. 
Sitting there you can see the Mountains. 
No one there, no guests, the gate is closed. 
No plans all day, just time and silence. 
Nothing stops you gazing and dreaming. 
Why not come and try to find me there?

Kline, A. S.. Like Water or Clouds: The T'ang Dynasty and the Tao 
(Kindle Locations 1776-1780).
Poetry in Translation. Kindle Edition.

I hope you are happy and content. Thanks for visiting my little blog.

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