#P17 Coming Home

Still chasing the wild feeling of my earlier charcoal sketch. This time I started off with a watercolor under-painting (photo below), and then went straight in with charcoal. I did not mind the “do not use black” dictum.

The image below shows the stretched watercolor, with the under-painting applied. I worked quite loose and wild at this stage.


Here are the three versions side by side:


For me personally, in each of these three attempts, there is a point, right at the water’s edge, that feels familiar – a place I have been to before. When a painting of mine gives me such a gift, I am filled with a sort of sad joy.

Such “familiar places” of homecoming represent perhaps the inner space to which we can also come home. Hongzhi describes how we can come home to it again:

The practice of true reality is simply to sit serenely 
in silent introspection. When you have fathomed this 
you cannot be turned around by external causes and 
conditions. This empty, wide open mind is subtly and 
correctly illuminating. Spacious and content, without 
confusion from inner thoughts of grasping, effectively 
overcome habitual behavior and realize the self 
that is not possessed by emotions...
Here you can rest and become clean, pure, and lucid. 
Bright and penetrating, you can immediately return, accord, 
and respond to deal with events. Everything is unhindered, 
clouds gracefully floating up to the peaks, the moonlight 
glitteringly flowing down mountain streams.

Leighton, Taigen Dan; Wu, Yi. 
Cultivating the Empty Field: The Silent Illumination of 
Zen Master Hongzhi (Kindle Locations 591-594). 
Tuttle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you are happy and content.


10 thoughts on “#P17 Coming Home

  1. The sky stands out to me in this one Fritz. The light coming through the swept up clouds. Of course, then my eyes traveled to the reflections in the water as usual. I like black in paintings. I know people say not to use it, oh well.

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    1. Thanks DawnMarie, I thought the sky was a bit heavy, but then I also found, just like with oils, the photos are always a bit different. With pastel the photo seems to pull out some blue and grey more, perhaps it is just how the light strikes the pastel particles.

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  2. Ha….good for you…..I personally love black in paintings and I like the emphasis or “strike” that it can make in a painting. Who ever came up with these rules? I say, break them….be a rebel! Lovely painting and the black is perfect. That quote by Hongzhi hit a chord within me.

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