#P18: Earth Overflowing

This is an invented landscape based on a charcoal sketch (below). In the sketch I started out with abstract black lines and blocks all over and then used white chalk to carve out shapes. Slowly this landscape emerged.


This was started as a rough watercolor – for the first time I used a cool under-painting – mostly with dark Prussian blue except for the sky which was cadmium orange. When I worked into this with the charcoal the most beautiful deep blue emerged. I worked some blue pastel into it, and where I warmed up the grassy reeds area, a really nice warm, rusty green came out (detail below).

#P18: Detail


The Winter Rain
The leveling of the water, its increase,
the gathering of many into much:

in the cold dusk I stop
midway of the creek, listening
as it passes downward
loud over the rocks, under
the sound of the rain striking,
nowhere any sound
but the water, the dead
weedstems soaked with it, the
ground soaked, the earth overflowing.

And having waded all the way
across, I look back and see there
on the water the still sky.

Wendell Berry, in 
The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

I hope you have a good week, filled with joy and contentment.

4 thoughts on “#P18: Earth Overflowing

  1. Wow….one of my favorites of yours, that blue is amazing, I am so glad that you included a close-up. So many parts of this painting are wonderful, love that maroon color. You are on a creative roll! By the way, I love Wendell Berry. I haven’t read his poems though I have read about 4 or 5 of his books.

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