#P20: Another Road

This is the pastel version of the charcoal sketch I posted before. This was done on Fabriano Hot Press Watercolor paper, which I first gave a few heavy, abstract washes of warm color (below). I have since made oil and acrylic versions of this painting, which I hope to post soon.


How to be really authentic? It is not as simple as it seems – you first have to figure out who you are – otherwise, who is being authentic? Take a simple vow, not to gossip anymore (or for a day). You become the silent one, glancing and nodding furtively, holding your secret safe. Am I authentic now? The apparent alternatives – if you really think them through – all have social consequences.

Lionel Trilling wrote:

Eliot said that ‘The progress of an artist is 
a continual self-sacrifice, a continual extinction of personality’. 
Joyce said that ‘The personality of the artist . . . 
finally refines itself out of existence, 
impersonalizes itself, so to speak’.

TRILLING, Lionel. Sincerity and Authenticity 
(The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) (p. 7). 
Harvard University Press. Kindle Edition.

Keeping silent may be best:

Ah, the subtle joyful beauty
of having nothing to say.
Or, having it, not saying.

What's this then? 
A paradox of sorts.

But for that may not be sincere. In lifelong relationships, it becomes very tricky:

What is most true?
Despite our unspoken vow
keeping knowledge in
the silent sideways glance?

Or, spreading my subtle melancholy
Thinly on your toast - 
Which - I know - you will not taste?

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7 thoughts on “#P20: Another Road

  1. wonderful! love this! Authenticity as an artist, painting, writing, etc is the Flame that keeps us going.
    to paint from within – is the most liberating thing I know of. Thats probably why I want to shout it from the rooftops!

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