#O61: Another Road (Oil Version)

This is the Oil version of the pastel painting I painted earlier. I painted this almost as an afterthought – I have not tried my hand at oil painting in a long time.

And since it was Saturday and I had some acrylic paint around, I jotted down a quick acrylic version also, which turned out surprisingly well given my lack of skill in acrylic. The image below shows the acrylic (left) and oil (right) versions side by side.



8 thoughts on “#O61: Another Road (Oil Version)

  1. I love the texture in the acrylic version, I am hoping to get Golden acrylics and give them a try, thinking of getting the open acrylics in that line. Which do you prefer, oil or acrylic? You are quite good in all mediums that you work with, and your style carries through it all….very impressive!

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    1. Thanks Margaret! I struggle with acrylics, you need to be really good at it to get the rich, deep color that I strive for. Flat, opaque passages are easier to achieve with acrylics – the visual cocktail, as Andrew Wyeth called it. But then, some artists like the Turkish painter Sahin Karacoc achieves beautuful effect with acrylics. Oil is easier for me, but charcoal and pastel us easier! Hope you have good luck with the acrylics.

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