#O62: Western Wind

An invented landscape based on the outcome of a play session with charcoal and chalk, shown below.


The rain is falling incessantly, days are gray and moody. I am amazed at the effect it has on my mind, thoughts and emotions. While working on this painting I was reminded of the poem I quoted in an earlier post, and I think it is fitting that it go again with this painting:

Withered vine.
Rotten tree,
Dark cow,
Little bridge,
Running Stream,
Worn-out road,
Western wind,
Lean horse,
The sun is setting in the west;
The broken-hearted man is at the end of the earth.

Ma-Chih-yuan (13th Century)
Quoted in Creativity and Taoism, by Chung-yaun Chang

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you are happy and content.

10 thoughts on “#O62: Western Wind

    1. Thanks so much Andrew. I have to admit it was one of those happy accidents. I got a bit of green into the sky color early on and it popped the color somehow. For once, I also resisted the urge to over-blend. Thanks again.


  1. Hey! That looks like where I live. The winds should start picking up here as the night temps drop. NOT looking foreword to it. Rain, I can always do probably since it is a gift here…but the wind…I dislike immensely. Nice sky!


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