#O65: The Enemy

It is spring, and some cherry blossoms are out. Almost November.

William Stafford wrote:

A piccolo played, then a drum.
Feet began to come—a part
of the music. Here came a horse,
clippety clop, away.

My mother said, “Don’t run—
the army is after someone
other than us. If you stay
you’ll learn our enemy.”

Then he came, the speaker. He stood
in the square. He told us who
to hate. I watched my mother’s face,
its quiet. “That’s him,” she said.

Stafford, William. 
Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems of William Stafford 
(Kindle Locations 375-381). Graywolf Press. Kindle Edition.


12 thoughts on “#O65: The Enemy

  1. I am always caught unaware by the fact that the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere. How enchanting to be reminded that somewhere spring is coming while here we feel the first crisp notes of autumn. The painting is finely realized. I love the definiteness of the blossoms and all the intersections of stem and leaf.

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    1. Hi Aletha, good to hear from you again! Yes, after I posted that, I thought I should perhaps clarify that I live in NZ. I am trying to follow your advice and stay loose and flexible with the brush. This painting was actually the second attempt. The first one was wiped off and became the background for the second attempt – by which time I had nothing to loose, which is a good thing.

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  2. Look at you all in the spring mood! I told Margaret the other day I was needing to paint fall flowers and that winter would be hard but I always had to remember it is spring somewhere! What a nice reminder Fritz.

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    1. Thanks very much Dawn! Yes, I would not say I am in a spring mood – it has been raining for weeks on end. But the garden is beautiful, hard to pass by these without taking a shot at painting them!

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