#O72: Small Strawberry Boats

Last week one of the mornings we had the most beautiful early morning sunshine here in the Waikato. I took a stack of source photos during my morning walk and this painting is the first to come out of this 30 minute walk. A larger version of the painting, and the source photo is shown below.

o72-2The source photo is below, with some dimensions marked on the side for the drawing. In this painting, I stuck to the source photo quite closely, although I pretty much made up the colors to suit what I wanted to express.


In his book Leaping Poetry, Robert Bly talks about the leap that occurs at times between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, the material and mythical consciousness, or the reptile and mammal part of the brain.

Sometimes, when I paint and the light, time and music is right, I come back to the world after some time and find that my view of it has altered. I would say it is more of a shift than a leap. The same thing often happens during meditation.

But in some poetry, this movement between levels of consciousness can take place in one single line-instant of the poem. Bly points to several such leaps in some poems, and this one by Gunnar Ekelof is a prime example. It makes no sense, but it does take my mind for a gently wild ride, and it alters ever so slightly every time it takes the ride:

Monologue with Its Wife

Take two extra-old cabinet ministers and overtake them
       on the North Sea
Provide each of them with a comet in the rear
Seven comets each!
Send a wire:
If the city of Trondheim takes them in it will be bombed
If the suet field allows them to escape it will be bombed
Now you have to signal:
Larger ships approaching
Don't you see, there in the radio! Larger ship
in converging path. Send a warning!
All small strawberry boats shall be ordered to go in to 
        the shore and lie down

- Come and help me. I am disappearing. 
That God is in the process of transforming me, the one in 
the corner over there (whispering)

Gunnar Ekelof, translated by Robert Bly.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you are happy and content.

8 thoughts on “#O72: Small Strawberry Boats

    1. Hi Frank. Many thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you are fond of Ekelof also. Indeed New Zealand is beautiful – very privileged to live here.
      Thanks again for the comment and for the follow!

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