#O73: As Far as Needed

During the recent school holidays, we stayed for a few days in the beautiful town of Whangamata on the Coromandel peninsula. It was raining almost non-stop, but in the few hours of dim sunlight, I took some source photos (see below), and this painting is the first beach painting I have ever done as far as I can recall.



A poem about the beach and – for me – of fatherhood:

With Kit, Age 7, at the Beach 

We would climb the highest dune, 
from there to gaze and come down: 
the ocean was performing; 
we contributed our climb. 

Waves leapfrogged and came 
straight out of the storm. 
What should our gaze mean? 
Kit waited for me to decide. 

Standing on such a hill, 
what would you tell your child? 
That was an absolute vista. 
Those waves raced far, and cold. 

“How far could you swim, Daddy, 
in such a storm?” 
“As far as was needed,” I said, 
and as I talked, I swam.

Stafford, William. 
Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems of William Stafford 
Graywolf Press. Kindle Edition.

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6 thoughts on “#O73: As Far as Needed

  1. wonderful poem….. their childhood goes by in a blink, its good to remember these things. And I must say, you did magic with that photo Fritz. Your painting is far far more lovely, more engaging! Your sky is filled with such color and light, very very charming 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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