#O74: Thousand Sordid Images

This is a view looking south east at a spot I pass during my morning walk. Most of my paintings of scenes along my morning walk look north west, with long shadows in the direction of the sunlight. Here the scene is partially back-lit, with the light coming at an extreme angle from the left.


The source photo is shown below. When I took the photo, I thought the clouds would be the main focal element. But as the painting unfolded, I was more attracted to the warm color on the barberry bushes leading from the foreground backward. In my painting, the barn looks a bit too much like a house to me – I may work a bit more on that.


I was thinking about Tomas Transtromer’s poems. Spring is here. Thrush and Blackbird are out. Each morning I awake with a song on my roof.

The Man Awakened by a Song above His Roof

Morning. May rain. The city is silent still
as a sheepherder's hut. Streets silent. And in
the sky a plane motor is rumbling bluish green. -
   The window is open.

The dream of the man stretched out sleeping
becomes at that instant transparent. He turns, begins
to grope for the tool of his consciousness -
    almost in space.

Tomas Transtromer, trans. Robert Bly, in
The Half Finished Heaven

Which reminds me of what T.S Eliot wrote in Preludes:

You lay upon your back and waited; 
You dozed, and watched the night revealing 
The thousand sordid images 
Of which your soul was constituted; 
They flickered against the ceiling. 
And when all the world came back 
And the light crept up between the shutters 
And you heard the sparrows in the gutters, 
You had such a vision of the street 
As the street hardly understands;

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

9 thoughts on “#O74: Thousand Sordid Images

  1. so lovely. I admire your skill, artistry in creating soft and moody. your backgrounds and middlegrounds are always so well done. always.
    these, are a challenge for so many. you allow, the edges to merge. you allow the the viewer to engage. you don’t ‘spell it all out’ but with those edges… Invite them in. Lovely work, lovely approach. 🙂

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    1. Thanks very much Debi. I really appreciate your kind words. Indeed, finding that sweet spot between an edge that holds and defines, and another one which yields and merges – that is what we are all looking for. A quest for a lifetime!

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  2. Look at the light in this. Very nice Fritz. I like your new found not so bright, but brighter colors for Fritz. You are doing a great job bringing your own personality into them. How do you like working with a tad bit more color? Is it good for your soul?

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    1. Thanks so much Dawn! Yeah, I actually only brought back cadmium yellow after I did the Franz Bischoff copy. I normally only use Indian Yellow. But I am finding my feet with painting a bit larger and I plan to copy a few more masters with a more colorful approach. To answer your question – I am quite happy with the last few paintings. And it sure is good for the soul.
      Thanks for your interest and encouragement! I smiled at “brighter colors for Fritz” – vintage Dawn humor!

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      1. I’m glad you are having happy experiments. Mother are going well for you. I do love my cadmium yellows…oh do I love them.


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