#O77: Two Years Later

This is a view looking north towards the town of Ngaruawahia and the Hakarimata mountains beyond. This view is at the start of my morning walk. Below you can see a larger image of the painting and the source photo.


This is a very simple image, but quite dear to my heart. The scene is a very typical Waikato diary farm amidst beautiful New Zealand scenery. The abstract foundation for the image is good, and painting this should be as easy as falling out of a tree. But yet…I feel I can make more of the light quality in the water reflection. I will have another stab at this some day.


In a recent update to my blog’s Creativity Inspiration page, I quoted from an interview of the painter Marc Hanson by John Pototschnik. The artist was asked whether he had a recent experience which he felt caused his art to take a step up. His answer:

Without a doubt the month long painting “marathons” that I’ve done, painting every day for the entire month, 4 paintings a day, have done the most for my technique, for my outlook on what I choose to paint, and for my endurance as a painter.  Those intense months of nothing but painting, all day long, have done more than anything else I’ve done to advance my painting skills.  It only makes sense that it would.  You have to paint when you don’t want to, when you’re tired, wet, cold, out of ideas, thinking that there’s No Way that you’re going to be able to see one more painting, ever.  That personal challenge really stretched my chops.  I’ve done four of those now, and I would say that with each one I could viscerally feel the steps forward that my painting took.

I am not yet in a month long marathon. But I made two paintings yesterday, two today and have one larger work in progress. Making the best of the labour weekend here in New Zealand.

A short poem for you:

Two Years Later
The hollow eyes of shock remain
Electric sockets burnt out in the 

The beauty of men never disappears
But drives a blue car through the stars.

John Wieners
in Robert Bly's anthology,
The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you are happy and content.

8 thoughts on “#O77: Two Years Later

    1. Yes, blogging can really throw me off purpose. I have to keep reminding me to simply do it to keep the painting numbers ticking up. By 1000 I can start vacillating over whether or not to stop!

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  1. I wonder where he stores all them daily paintings? I did that daily thing for a month ONCE and it was brutal, but at the same time, enjoyable. It does help. The most I have ever been able to do in a day though is two paintings. One oil. One acrylic. I am slow!

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      1. Yes, that is a never-ending issue for me. I would give all my paintings away for free if I could just get them out of the studio – they hang around like hungry children otherwise!

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