#O79: Lost in No Words

After I did my previous exercise (posted here), I had a cup of coffee and jumped in and did this one right away. It is not meant to be a work of art, just a quick study on paper. I tried to keep going with the fresh color and juicy strokes of the preceding exercise. Source photo  and normal size photo is below.



In China, some centuries ago, lived T’ao Ch’ien, who wrote this poem:

To build a house in the world of man
And not hear the noise of horse and carriage,
How can this be done? -
When the mind is detached, the place is quiet.

I gather Chrysanthemums under the eastern hedgerow
And silently gaze at the southern mountains.
The mountain air is beautiful in the sunset,
And the birds flocking together return home.

In all these there is a real meaning,
Yet when I want to express it,
I become lost in no words.

Quoted in Creativity and Taoism,
by Chung-Yuan Chang

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you are happy and content.

3 thoughts on “#O79: Lost in No Words

  1. I agree….love those strokes of color, gives life and visual texture. Your blue hills are brilliant because the fact that there are similar but two different blues and how the lighted ground on the upper right touches that blue, yummy! lol I had no better way to describe it other than yummy. And the fact that it is smudged, love it.


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