#O80: Birdsong and Silence

This is my first plein-air outing in many years. For many reasons, I prefer to work in private in my studio, but the sunlight on the river pushed me to try my hand at this again. I was drawn to the light catching the trunk of the willows on the other side of the Waikato river.


I was hopelessly unprepared, canvas blowing everywhere, I had to run back to the studio several times to get brushes, then cloth then medium. I did not really enjoy the experience. But it was an hour of painting and every bit pushes more experience into the reptile brain.

Below is a photo of my studio as it now looks. I re-organized my palette by getting a much larger glass area to mix on, easier to clean. I find small irritations provide reasons not to paint when I am tired – so better remove those irritations so I can spend more time in the studio.


One of my own attempts at poetry, on the theme of meditation:

The out-breath blows the world apart.
Nothing remaining - 
except a lost congratulatory thought.
Pushing up through inner mists
it tries to make a scene.
But nobody buys it and it leaves.

Almost familiar, the
Universe gravitates toward
the back of the head and neck,
from where it explodes in
a supernova of birdsong
and highway trucks 
going nowhere.

Thanks for visiting.

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