#O83: Hakarimata Mountains

I have reworked this painting in an attempt to instill a bit more of an emotional feel and pull things together more. I hope I succeeded!

Fruitful Dark

This painting is a bit larger than I am used to, and I am not so fond of painting mountain top vistas. I tackled this as an exercise in using broader strokes and stronger lines moving through the composition. The source photo is below, it is quite beautiful – a view from my morning walk.

The green middle ground is too bright for my taste, so I will chip away at getting it just right.


I originally posted this painting as a much greener version which closely matched the source photo. But I found the green a bit garish, and the painting just did not convey the emotional tone I was looking for. Besides, there was no clear focal point – too many facets were competing to shine. So I reworked it. The old version is shown below on the right, the “current” version (watch this space) is to the…

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