#O86: Forms of Water

This is a view of the hill that ensures I can still fit into my pants from few years ago. I walk it almost daily. It is also a typical scene on a rural road in New Zealand’s North Island. The source photo and a larger image is shown below.


To me this scene has good compositional potential РI think I will try a few different versions of this photo later on.


In this poem, the poet (W.S. Merwin) remembers the death of his mother. It is something quite special to me:

All day the stars watch from long ago 
my mother said I am going now 
when you are alone you will be all right
whether or not you know you will know 
look at the old house in the dawn rain 
all the flowers are forms of water 
the sun reminds them through a white cloud 
touches the patchwork spread on the hill 
the washed colors of the afterlife 
that lived there long before you were born
see how they wake without a question 
even though the whole world is burning 

W. S. Merwin, quoted in
Hirshfield, Jane. 
Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World (p. 228). 
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Thanks to all who have encouraged me with comments, likes and follows. I hope you are happy and content.

9 thoughts on “#O86: Forms of Water

  1. I’ve only ever been to the N Island, Fritz, but I vividly remember a gorge that rose about 90 feet as a result of storm and deluge, and seeing a concrete plinth that once housed 5 shops.

    I think a cow carcass up in a tree above the road, as well.

    A land of devastating extremes. and extremely scenically impressive
    It’s great to see your represenation.



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