#O92: Crimson Waters

#O92: Crimson Waters (Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20″). This is based on a walk I had on a farm in Cullinan, South Africa, now perhaps 10 years ago. I remember the afternoon well. Those dogs were great. All gone into the night sky now. The source photo is further down below.


I took several photos that afternoon, I only have printed copies now:


Sad to hear about Leonard Cohen’s passing away today. I never met him, but from what I read and heard, I built the impression of a man who showed that it was possible to be really cool, sophisticated and creative; yet humble, warm and generous at the same time.

He sprinkled ugliness with beauty
he took a guitar
he walked along a riverbank

He lost his voice
the delirious lady stole it
who cut off her head amid the crimson waters
and the poor man no longer has a voice with
     which to sing
and the river rolls
the tranquil head with its closed eyelids


Miltos Sahrouris, in 
Modern European Poetry

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4 thoughts on “#O92: Crimson Waters

  1. I like it’s entitled crimson waters but what catches the eye is the beautiful blue of the (?) lake, very lovely rendition. Wasn’t a fan of L. Cohen but had a beautiful album of his songs sung by Jennifer Warnes which I did play to death. Cheers FD have a grand weekend.

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    1. Thanks very much FR! That is actually a man-made dam on the farm where we used to live. Interesting – there is another dam on the farm that was build by Italian prisoners of war during WWII. I believe some of them stayed behind and later became South African citizens. Don’t give up on Leonard Cohen – his music may grow on you!

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