#O94: Wild Reed Breezes

This is a yet another view of the road I walk almost every morning. I was after the patterns of the clouds but in the end the warm under-painting pointed me to those Eucalyptus trees in the middle ground. A larger image and the source photo is shown below.


This is on the downhill side of my walk – about 1 km to go and I am home:


In respect for this beautiful earth and the supermoon orbiting it tonight, a poem that shyly features the moon:

Spring Night: An Impromptu Poem
The wild reed breezes have secretly 
    left with the wind, 
The brilliance of the chaotic springtime 
     already half gone. 
Leaning over the stone balustrade, 
     I rest for a little while, 
The courtyard moon somewhere between 
     there and not. 

Chinese Nun "Jingnuo", translated by Grant, Beata, in
Daughters of Emptiness: Poems of Chinese Buddhist Nuns
Wisdom Publications. Kindle Edition.

This post is dedicated to those who suffered and lost under the New Zealand earthquake of 14 November, 2016.

16 thoughts on “#O94: Wild Reed Breezes

    1. Thanks FR! I am sure you could have done more with this scene with your camera than I did with my iPhone! But mostly I am glad my “camera” is rather limited – if the photo looks great, the painting cannot really improve on it. Here, there was quite a bit of room to work with in the painting!

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    1. Thanks Kit. I appreciate the thoughts – luckily it seems only two people lost their lives, but lots of people on the South Island are going through hell. Damage to their houses almost every year now since 2011, many roads closed etc. But living in New Zealand has so much going for it otherwise, I guess you have to take some bad with the wonderful.


    1. Thanks Mayou Art! Actually, this (and most of my recent paintings), was done in Oil. I number my oil paintings #O55, #O56, etc., and my pastel ones #P2, #P3, etc. I am really just starting in pastel so the few ones on my blog are not too great. They were mostly painted on Canson paper, or on 300 gsm Hot Press Watercolor paper.

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