#O97: Already There Here

This is an under-painting that became a painting of sorts. I was going to make a more realistic image based on the photo below. It was painted over the grave of an earlier effort – I forget which one.

I put down an under-painting in white and transparent red oxide. When I put the Cerulean blue in those sky holes it just blew me away. So I added some color in the foreground and just stopped.


Here is the source photo, not that it is really important in this case:


The tide is moving out. Like everything in the universe, positive has in time turned to negative. Hope rolls gently over into despair, the beautiful unfinished there on the easel – the same – now thin and deadly. Respecting the inner seasons given to your psyche, you take a seat and wait…Wind blows in gusts outside. Sunday afternoon.

Already There Here
The fearful undertow of tension remains;
the forced real of adult convention.
And the interrupted dream of childhood
keeps asking: when will school be out?

Look again! Here now in that infinite inch
between the whiteboard diagram
and the marker in your mind.
The client there in the chair
shoeing you into the comforting invoiced prison.

Instantly even and only here the mind that
stretches to crystal focus and -
walking through that situation
in sunlit time, long and open -
can touch hands, feet, breath.

And overhead between the ears
the sacred sound of air escaping:
A never ending bell announcing:
"School's out, School's out!"

©Fritz Jooste, 2016

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15 thoughts on “#O97: Already There Here

  1. I agree with you, that cerulean…. creates the Magic! your paintings are always, imo, so much More – than the photo references. that photo is nice. it just does have the magic your painting does.
    “you take a seat and wait..” well said.

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    1. Thanks so much Debi. I find whenever I try to copy a photo too literally (sometimes it is necessary when there are angles and architecture involved) – I become tired and lose interest. But when I quickly put the photo aside and focus 100% on the painting, some magic does sometimes happen.

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  2. Fascinating how happy accidents happen when making art. Sometimes we struggle for inspiration and other times it just seems to pop out (although the groundwork was laid) without even trying. Your poem is beautiful, too. School/work is necessary and maybe without them, freedom wouldn’t feel so good.

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    1. Thanks Suzanne, indeed without happy accidents I may have lost hope in painting a long time ago. Also very true about work and school being a necessity. I think Nietszche said something like: “Thou shalt obey someone, and for a long time, if you would be free” (paraphrasing!).

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  3. Your image seems to have almost no relationship to its source photo. I trust the relationships are there, but the emphasis, the cropping, the dynamic tonality and the different colors take it far from its source. There’s a ton of invention in it. I think that’s so marvelous. I can understand that in ways you were anchored to that source, and yet you wandered very far from it too. A good paradox to have.

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