#O102: Everything Points

Close to Hamilton, NZ is a beautiful Arboretum.  During a recent visit I took the source photo below and this led to the painting above. A larger version is shown below. I am pleased with the way the brush and palette knife captured the soft leafy green of the bamboo at the edge of the pond.

#102: Everything Points (Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24″)

The source photo is below. I did not want to place the bamboo at the center, so I cropped the painting to get the duck near the Golden Mean intersection point.


A long time ago, I read The Three Pillars of Zen by Philip Kapleau. It made a lasting impression on me. Something in the book that returns to me often, is the recounting by a Zen student of her enlightenment experience.

She also describes a further opening of the heart and mind that occurred six years later. She outlines nine insights that were revealed to her. One which always stays with me is this one:

The least act, such as eating or scratching an arm, is not at all simple. It is merely a visible moment in a network of causes and effects reaching forward into the Unknowingness and back into a infinity of Silence, where individual consciousness cannot even enter. There is truly nothing to know, nothing that can be known.

These words stayed with me over the years and later led to a short poem:

Nothing to Know
Creamy light; river at dusk.
Teenager slamming door
behind a worried heart.

Blood test results
due tomorrow. Red eye staring
back across the intersection.

Duck glancing back - at you.
Look! everything points!

©Fritz Jooste 2016

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