#O103: Gray Moist Pearl

Oil on canvas paper, approximately A4 size. A week or so ago, I ran out of prepared canvas and decided to just use what I had available, which was a pad of A4 Canson Canvas paper. This painting is the result.

I was not feeling very energetic, wanting to just remain active in the studio. So I decided to just loosely copy this painting which I had posted earlier. I did not set out to do a detailed copy, but just copy the concept and composition using sideways glances at the earlier canvas standing in the corner.

I was surprised at the color tone the paint takes on with the canvas paper. It probably has something to do with how and how much the paper absorbs the paint. I find a hushed, olivey tone in my paintings on paper – something I really like. I think I will try some more.


Rainy, windy day. Good afternoon sleep after rediscovering some poetry that had slipped from my mind over the years. Amongst them the poem below by Juan Ramon Jiminez, who amazes me with his ability to translate the visual landscape into words. What a painter he would have been!

Moguer Dawnings
Silver poplar groves
breaking from the mist!
The solitary wind
moving through the marsh -
unreal earthquake -
widespread Huelva
remote and pink!
Above the sea, near la Rabida,
in the gray moist pearl
of the end-of-night sky
cold behind the raw dawn
(a horizon of pines!),
cold behind the white dawn,
the blazing moon.

Juan Ramon Jiminez, translated Willis Barnstone,
in Modern European Poetry


Thanks for visiting my blog. A special thanks to all who have recently encouraged me with supportive and insightful comments.

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