#O108: Spacious and Content

Another painting on Canson Canvas paper. This is an invented landscape, which slowly turned into a moonscape.


I have never painted the moonlight without constantly revisiting this beautiful prose poem in my mind; It was written so many centuries ago by Zen Master Hongzhi:

The practice of true reality is simply to sit 
serenely in silent introspection. When you have 
fathomed this you cannot be turned around by external
causes and conditions. This empty, wide open mind 
is subtly and correctly illuminating. Spacious and 
content, without confusion from inner thoughts of 
grasping, effectively overcome habitual behavior
and realize the self that is not possessed by emotions. 

You must be broad-minded, whole without relying on others. 
Such upright independent spirit can begin not to pursue 
degrading situations. Here you can rest and become clean, 
pure, and lucid. Bright and penetrating, you can 
immediately return, accord, and respond to deal 
with events. Everything is unhindered, clouds gracefully 
floating up to the peaks, the moonlight glitteringly 
flowing down mountain streams.

Leighton, Taigen Dan; Wu, Yi. 
Cultivating the Empty Field: The Silent Illumination 
of Zen Master Hongzhi 
Tuttle Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Honzhi continues in a classical, hauntingly beautiful description of the simplicity of mindfulness – the simple practice of gently focusing on what is in front of you right now, not getting lost in the stories created by conditioned thought all the time:

Right in here the central pivot turns, the gateway opens. 
You accord and respond without laboring and accomplish 
without hindrance. Everywhere turn around freely, 
not following conditions, not falling into classifications. 
Facing everything, let go and attain stability. 
Stay with that just as that. Stay with this just as this.

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