#O109: You Harm Nothing

Waikato Landscape, Oil on Paper (8 x 10″). This is another oil done on paper. This time it is on HP Watercolor paper prepared with three layers of Gesso. Below is the source photo and a larger image.


In this painting I did not stray too far from the source photo in terms of composition, but the colors are pretty much invented.


I have been moving through dark waters – a fruitful dark. Somewhere in there is the dusk, the way to the back-country. This may be my last representative painting for a while, I think I need to paint some abstracts.

Here is one of my favorite poems, by Tu Fu (712-770). This one is translated by David Hinton:

In spring mountains, alone, I set 
out to find you. 
Axe strokes crack— crack and quit. 
Silence doubles. 

I pass snow and ice lingering along 
cold streams, 
then, at Stone Gate in late light, 
enter these woods. 

You harm nothing: deer roam here 
each morning; 
want nothing: auras gold and silver 
grace nights. 

Facing you on a whim in 
bottomless dark, the way 
here lost I feel it drifting, this 
whole empty boat.

David Hinton. 
Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology 
Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Kindle Edition.


Thank you for visiting my little blog.

2 thoughts on “#O109: You Harm Nothing

  1. The colours are great, much more dramatic than in the photo. The brush strokes seem a lot more prevalent in this than in other of your paintings too, as if they have been applied with some ?aggression, so all in all a feeling of stormy weather on the way.

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    1. Thanks FR! Yes, the way the brushstrokes show is largely due to the slickness of the paper. The hogs hair brushes are quite stiff, so they leave marks on the slick surface. It has a feeling and an energy of its own – quite different from painting on canvas.

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