#O112: Inward Seeds of Fire

It feels like my painting journey is taking a little detour, or perhaps it is the road less traveled? This abstract painting is the first in several paintings in which I have deviated quite a bit from my normal style.

This painting and the ones that I will post in the coming week may not resonate with all blogging friends who are used to my more conventional landscapes. But I hope you will stick along for the ride, perhaps something new and creative will pop out on the “other side”, wherever that is!


I have learned a lot from and about myself – watching my emotions and semi-conscious motivations while planning and executing a painting. I feel one must be always alert to socially motivated objectives and stratagems that subvert the need for the real self to express it’s emotions.

A meditation teacher once said “I do not trust my personality”. Becker says the following:

So long as we stay obediently within the defense mechanisms of our personality, what Wilhelm Reich called “character armor” we feel safe and are able to pretend that the world is manageable. But the price we pay is high. We repress our bodies to purchase a soul that time cannot destroy; we sacrifice pleasure to buy immortality; we encapsulate ourselves to avoid death. And life escapes us while we huddle within the defended fortress of character.

Becker, Ernest. The Denial of Death. Souvenir Press.

I was thinking of an inward seed of fire, burning bright and warm, all the way up to the surface of a small painting:

What sower walked the earth,
which hands sowed
our inward seeds of fire?
They went out from his first like rainbow curves
to frozen earth, young loam, hot sand,
they will sleep there
greedily, and drink up our lives
and explode it into pieces
for the sake of a sunflower that you haven't seen
or a thistle head of a chrysanthemum.

Let the young rain of tears come.
Let the calm hands of grief come.
It's not all as evil as you think.

Rolf Jacobsen, translated by Robert Bly
in: News of the Universe


Thanks for visiting my blog. A special thanks to all who have recently encouraged me with kind and thoughtful comments. I hope you are happy and content.

4 thoughts on “#O112: Inward Seeds of Fire

  1. I love the colors on this one. I think I must be really missing yellow. Painted some tulips yesterday and couldn’t stay away from the yellows. I did it with rusty reds and yellows. Anyway, as I was scrolling through the reader, I did a quick stop on the yellow. Had to back up the scrolling actually. I still remember the yellow abstracts you did months and months ago. Love that color. The reds, greens and blues. I want to sit on that step…that is what it looks like to me. A bottom step.

    Liked by 1 person

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