#O116: Sea of Brooding Joy

This painting did not translate so well on the photo but face to face it has a good depth of color in the darks which is always a key challenge for me. I had in mind a relatively colorless, gray moody sky from the start and once that was in place, I had to invent a landscape to compliment it well.

One of the major poets in my first language – Afrikaans – is the poet Elizabeth Eybers. One of her poems – the title of which directly translates as “Grey Afternoon” – played in my mind after this painting stepped into the light. I will try my hand at translating the last two verses, which have been with me since my early adolescence:

Laughing she stares through the window
hears far off the buildings groan
like steel gnashing and ropes under strain.
She wonders where it all heads without rudder

and feels how she wildly adores this life
held down by that dense heavy sky
on this sea of brooding joy
which is fast austere and void of meaning.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you are happy and content as the year heads to its end.

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