#O117: I am the Turnstile

My painting journey continues – I learn more about myself with each painting exploration, my voice grows into a new sound. Sometimes the result is worth keeping around for a while. A larger version of the image is shown below.



I have often mentioned in my blog that those poems or paintings which stop me in my tracks – those that quiet the mind and point to the essence of the mystery of being – these are the ones I keep returning to time after time. They are soothing, like an old retired therapist who has now become a friend.

A prime example for me is the poem “Guard Duty” by Tomas Transtromer. Here are the last four verses:

Task: to be where I am.
Even when I'm in this solemn and absurd
role: I am still the place
where creation works on itself.

Dawn comes, the sparse tree trunks
take on color now, the frostbitten
forest flowers form a silent search party
after something that has disappeared in the dark.

But to be where I am...and to wait.
I am full of anxiety, obstinate, confused.
Things not yet happened are already here!
I feel that. They're just out there:

a murmuring mass outside the barrier.
They can only slip in one by one.
They want to slip in. Why? They do
one by one. I am the turnstile.

Tomas Transtromer, translated by Robert Bly, in
The Half Finished Heaven

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5 thoughts on “#O117: I am the Turnstile

  1. I agree with the above commenter, very primordial, even a bit fantastical, well, more than a bit because it hit me full force. I feel as though you are blooming before our eyes. Odd, usually I get used to an artists’ style of painting and when they change it up I lag behind. With your freedom of movement, strokes and emotion I am hopping up and down inside wanting to catch the next bus to go along with you to the “land of somewhere”! lol I am loving what you have been doing lately.

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  2. Many thanks Margaret. Yes, I am moving rapidly away from what I thought was my style. It is a wild ride and at times I am self critical and doubtful that I still have the horse under control. But I feel an emotional release when painting more freely, so in a certain sense I do not mind too much if no one on this particular planet likes it or not – I need to do this now. I am sure you can identify with that!


  3. I hope you will keep all your paintings going forward and not discard or paint over any of them anymore. When you say, “Sometimes the result is worth keeping around for a while.” — I worry. The ways that you’re trying out new ideas is so fun to watch. It’s very experimental. What better way both to learn and to master new ideas? And how does an artist learn freedom in his art except through the bold application of it? You work out a fine balance between the observed and the felt in this painting. I really enjoy the different textures, too.


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