#O127: The Poorest Thing Shines

In some of my recent paintings I found I relied too much on certain color combinations. In this painting – as in the last two I posted -I tried something new in terms of color.

In this painting I started with Prussian Blue – a beast I have always found hard to tame. Here is almost got away from me again, but I think the wild warm foreground pulled things together somewhat.


Notes to future self:

I spent a long time meditating today, back pain activated and searching for a grounding that has not come. Other roads seem to be ending. I took the question: “what is the solution?” into my meditation and left it there.

These days when I sit and close my eyes I only see paintings, color combinations and compositions – master paintings (my own!) all of them. When I open my eyes they are gone; it makes meditation tricky. Trust in not-knowing is difficult but essential – I have no other choice.

My daily affairs are quite ordinary;
but I'm in total harmony with them.
I don't hold on to anything, don't reject anything;
nowhere an obstacle or conflict.
Who cares about wealth and honor?
Even the poorest thing shines.
My miraculous power and spiritual activity:
drawing water and carrying wood.

Layman P'ang, translated by Stephen Mitchell, in
The Enlightened Heart

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