#145: The Heart Knows

This is an abstract that got away from me. I took a photo of the painting at this stage of finish, but then went and fiddled with it the next day and messed it up. At least I have a photo!


I am slowly, painstakingly joyfully inching my way through my doubts and lack of experience toward an art that expresses the emotion that lies behind each and every silly landscape I have ever tried to paint. The heart knows where it wants to go, but there is so much that needs to be unlearned, so much that has to be taken on trust in order to get there.

Tomas Transtromer also knew something about trust:


...How much we have to take on trust every minute we live in
  order not to drop through the earth!
Take on trust the snow masses clinging to rocksides over the
Take on trust the unspoken promises, and the smile of
   agreement, trust that the telegram does not concern us, and
that the sudden ax blow from inside is not coming.
Trust the axles we ride on down the thruway among the swarm
  of steel bees magnified three hundred times.
But none of that stuff is really worth the trust we have.
The five string instruments say that we can take something else
   on trust, and they walk with us a bit on the road.
As when the lightbulb goes out on the stair, and the hand
  follows - trusting it - the blind banister rail that finds its
  way in the dark.

Tomas Transtromer (translation Robert Bly), from
The Half Finished Heaven. Line breaks here are my own.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you are happy and content.

12 thoughts on “#145: The Heart Knows

  1. Wow, Fritz! I love this. I haven’t been able to focus on much recently, so I’ve been just glancing at your paintings each morning. I’ve noticed a dramatic shift that spoke of more freedom and confidence in your painting. It’s exciting to see it emerging.

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      1. I hope that is a good and smooth transition for you Nadia – I know such sudden changes in my work situation always creates a mini identity crises for me. But lots of room to grow there!

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    1. Thanks Margaret. It is hard at times,, tonight I wiped out two large abstracts (if you can call them that) which I had been working n for days. Tons of paint wasted, yet I have learned to smile my way out of this and have trust that some learning experience will stick and come out when it needs to!

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