#O160: We Whisper in Their Presence

A small playful landscape done on board with palette knife.


There are times when each detail of the ordinary interests me for its own sake, and I feel a fondness for things, because I can read them clearly. Then I see – as Vieira said that Sousa, in his descriptions, saw – the ordinary with singularity, and I have the poetic soul that inspired the intellectual age of poetry among the Greeks. But there are also moments, such as the one that oppresses me now, when I feel my own self far more than I feel external things, and everything transforms into a night of rain and mud, lost in the solitude of an out-of-the-way station, between one and another third-class train.

Fernando Pesoa – Book of Disquiet

In his poem “Autumn Sky” Charles Simic writes:

The stars know everything,
So we try to read their minds.
As distant as they are,
We choose to whisper in their presence.
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8 thoughts on “#O160: We Whisper in Their Presence

      1. I’m reminded of some adage about ‘making your own luck’? I live in hope that through practice and reflection we’re better prepared to create the right circumstances for these ‘lucky’ moments to occur. And to recognise when we should leave them alone too!

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