#O173: Illusion of Worldly Life

 For the seeker of reality there is only one meditation – the rigorous refusal to harbor thought. [Nisargadatta]

A single meditation cushion, and one
is completely protected.
Earth may crumble, heaven collapse –
but here one is at peace.
Sacred titles and worldly fame: both fade
away in sitting.
And the universe assembles on the tip of a feather.

The Nun Xinnang,  in Daughters of Emptiness by Beata Grant

#O172: Oil on Panel (approx 8 x 10″)

The idea of owning and hanging on to things is the illusion of worldly life. The view of the self sends forth all these delusions in which we have to protect ourselves all the time. We’re always endangered, there’s always something to worry about, something to be frightened of. But when that illusion is punctured by wisdom, then there is a fearlessness, we see this as a journey, a transition from the sensory realm and we are willing to learn the lessons it teaches us, no matter what those lessons might be.

Ajahn Sumedho – The Way It Is


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8 thoughts on “#O173: Illusion of Worldly Life

  1. these days besides the art supplies ( of course!) and my grandparents’ books I can see the rest of it gone without too much trauma. I guess, I might add…. the darn computer. But, really now…. thats just so I can talk to you guys on WP!! LOL

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      1. 🙂 I’d clicked the button too soon before… as I was going to mention the silky smooth sky and your palette knife was lovely. I could just feel and see how the paint went on!

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