O210-211: Privilege of Darkness

I have given up on painting so many times before, my wife only smiles and waves when she sees me cleaning out my studio – again. This time it lasted about 6 weeks. It was a good break but the first brushstroke that went down again gave me so much joy, it has lasted several days now. Everything I see turns beautiful…


Pessoa wrote:

I realize that the privileges of darkness are vanishing, and with them the slow rivers under the bowing trees of my glimpsed eyelashes, and the murmur of the cascades lost between the soft flowing of blood in my ears and the faint, steady rain. I’m losing myself to become alive.

Pessoa, Fernando. The Book of Disquiet (Penguin Modern Classics)


A kind yet steady self-confidence, I have learnt, is something that requires imagination of some sort. It has to be seen as a real possibility, then actualized. It is a wish before it is a given:


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