O212: Constraints of Reasoning

Ernest Becker wrote:

The most important question that man can put to himself is simply this: how conscious is he of what he is doing to earn his feeling of heroism?…to become conscious of of what one is doing to earn his feeling of heroism is the main self-analytic problem of life…human heroics is a blind drivenness than burns people up; in passionate people – a screaming for glory as uncritical and reflexive as the hounding of a dog…man has to feel and believe that what he is doing is truly heroic, timeless, and supremely meaningful.


When I look up at the cold, often starry New Zealand night sky, I wonder where Bieke Vandekerckhove now wanders among the stars. She once wrote:

In lieu of fighting against the dark of not-knowing, we have to let ourselves be vanquished by it. I have discovered the art of waiting in darkness. We have to dare to persevere in what appears at first to be only emptiness. There is a world strewn with innumerable wonders that awaits those who have freed themselves from the constraints of reasoning.

Vandekerckhove, Bieke. The Taste of Silence: How I Came to Be at Home with Myself (Liturgical Press. Kindle Edition.

Before meditation, there is a soft wish, a gentle intent, directed to no one in particular:

Thoughts now slow down and between those last lost ones dark blossoms of emptiness unfold – velvety, open, without bounds. “I” loses its distinctness and dissolves into “This”. ¬†Islands of tension become lonely and yield to the soft compassionate calling to release and let go.

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