O214: Bay of Bombay

I had wandered out into this half alive afternoon. Just a shy anonymous landscape on the edge of suburbia. What was that up ahead? – it all depended on your measure of the universe. The one inside.

#O214: Bay of Bombay (Oil on Panel)

I have a playlist on Spotify called “Songs for Painting”. On it I now have about 12 hours of music. I love most of the songs. But when Jennifer Ferguson’s “Bay of Bombay”starts playing…whatever I am painting turns holy in some way. In a sudden diagonal turning of confidence I just don’t care about anything beyond what is in front of me – all four critics in my head just up and run for cover.

The version of this song I like most is the one on Spotify, on the New Africa Rock (1995) album. But here is another one you can listen to online on ReverbNation.

I could not find the song lyrics anywhere, but here is what I wrote down while listening:

Oh won't you take me away
to the Bay of Bombay.
I want to lose my virtues on a yellow wave.
My eyes are sore, fingertips rubbed raw.
Well a man he hurt me and I cry
For more.

My girdle is white but it's on too tight.
I can't face the thought of another dry dry night.
I want to see the star-shingle shining bright.
I want to lose myself in holy flight.

Mamma you taught me how to sing.
You couldn't teach me much more of anything.
Your eyes would look at the food you cooked
And the clothes you cleaned and ironed
But you just see...ships on the bay...
Jennifer Ferguson


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I hope you are happy today. May a deep contentment seep into stolen moments everywhere in your life.  I swear its possible! May all those dark places open and yield stolen secrets gathering dust since high school days. And may each of those shine and bring you joy.