O221: To Accept Solitude

This painting seems to be on a journey of her own. If you look at the early version below, you will see it started off as something more somber. I have a feeling it has not yet reached its end-destination.

I am re-reading Bieke Vandekerckhove’s book “The Taste of Silence“. It is full  of beautiful insights that take me into silence:

There appears to be a consciousness, an understanding that can only surface when we muster the courage to accept our solitude—and to do so in a deeply silent way.

Diagnosed with motor neuron disease, and with a life expectancy of about five years, she entered a first a Benedictine and later a Zen monastery. From the Benedictine monks she learned the futility of talking about God in a descriptive way:

…talking about God is a fiction, an illusion, the result of a blind spot, a presumption, whether conscious or not. That God can never be an object of our thinking or speaking. That if we want to deal with the living God, we have to resist that temptation once and for all.

Below are some thumbnail sketches. These are often done while listening to audio-books or (sigh)…watching Netflix. The are the beginnings of most of my invented landscapes.

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8 thoughts on “O221: To Accept Solitude

  1. The intensity of colour attracts me here (sorry for using ‘intense’ and ‘intensity’ in so many comments – actually I may not have done, but I feel as though I have). The patch of emerald gives me the precise feeling I get when a shaft of sunlight picks out a single patch of countryside.

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    1. Thanks so much Marie. Actually, though I liked this painting at first, I later felt it had some flaws and painted over it. But i often go back to this post to think about that green patch…


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